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World Ducati Week 2018- Race of Champions

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I don't know if you guys managed to see this event, but its worth watching. Naturally it's in Italian, so the commentary won't be of much help.
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Incredibly close race, and man that track sounds great with all those V4's ripping around.
Wdw 2018

I have been to WDW a few times and have been riding Ducati's for years

I went this year as i had been invited to ride pillion on the back of Randy Mamola X2

Its the same bike more or less as Dovi and Lorenzo

All i can say is unbelievable experience, speed and braking was insane, i laughed all the way round the track, he was aware that i rode and did track days so he give it some gas

As usual he wheelies at the start and does a stoppie at the end

My wife and i were treated like family they spoilt us, we were in the motorhome with Stoner, Melandri,Lorenzo, surreal!

Dovi came on track and was really friendly and posed for photos with us, all the staff were brilliant and so was Paolo Ciabatta who organised it for me

If someone can tell me how to reduce the photos size ill post them on here

Anybody had issues with DRL packing up?
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Pretty jealous that you've had the opportunity to attend this event in person. And one of the easiest way to upload photos would be to use a hosting site like imgur. Simply drop them in there and copy the urls to paste into posts.
I went to this a few years back, and it was a phenomenal experience. These guys are some incredible riders and more than happy to interact with fans.
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