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V4s qs-err

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I took my V4S to the dealership last Tue to look into Quickshifter issue. The problem is with the Quickshifter after 20 min or so ride when the bike gets hot it just quits working. After the bike is cooled down it starts working again for another 20 min of riding and it quits again. It seems the Quickshifter stops working once the bike is running a bit hotter. I ran into 4-5 more instances with the same issue. This is starting to have a smell of another recall.
The bike is still at the dealership awaiting to hear from Ducati I’m next steps. You have to wonder how did they test them??
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How many times are you going to post this?
This problem does seem to be becoming a more widespread problem, so I suppose there is a chance the Ducati could issue another recall for it. These kinds of growing pains are to be expected with a brand new model though. Don't know how they would go about reducing the heat output.
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