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V4S need aftermarket mirror help

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Hi everyone, I know this question is a bit simplistic but I haven’t been able to find any help from from any of my local Ducati dealers or aftermarket parts retailers. I am 6’5 and have a very broad back and shoulders so the stock v4 panigale mirrors are just crap: vibrate harder than a girls sex toy, they don’t really have a great deal of movement for visibility, and so on...
Regardless, I was wandering if anyone had some good advice on aftermarket mirrors to purchase? I looked at the CRG but I couldn’t get a good answer on what would work best for my application. It doesn’t have to be CRG, I just want a good all around mirror that will actually provide me with some visibility behind and beside me. I always turn my head to check before I do anything anyway, but it would be helpful have some clue what is happening behind me.

Thanks so much in advance.
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Is Rhino or CRG the best options for a new set of handlebar mirrors?
I swapped out for the DB Race mirrors (on stalks) but they are too short. I just switched to CRG Arrows and they work well. You will need the 7/8 inch expanding bar end mounts to go with them. They work really well and adjust easily.
The CRG arrow mirrors work great if you are having problems seeing over your shoulders with the factory mirrors.

You can find them here : End Mirrors

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