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Alhough I own it and just race it the amount or recalls is alarming boxes of parts turned up from the dealer as most are for street riding safety/heat related. Yet quick shifters, Fail, my coils failed, extra coolant tanks all this is ridiculous. Never on any jap bikes have I had a recall and ive owned plenty of new bikes, when my coils failed and it took mths to find the issue swapping parts from a shop bike to mine it would only misfire when cold so a full 24hr to be waited b4 next test . Once diagnosed dealer went for warranty and went running for cover when heard it had been on the track! yet we sent pics of the bike in full race trim at the onset of this issue.
So be weary of THIS bike don't buy one unless you are close to a dealer and it has warranty tell them nothing about racing or if you have done a track day, any way to get out of a claim they will take it, it was released 2 yrs too early we are doing the R AND D for them such bullshit!!!!
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