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V4 Headlight Wire? - Help appreciated

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Hi all,

New here as I've finally picked up my 2022 V4s. I've already got to stripping it down to try and fit my 'Flash2Pass' that I had on my 1199.
Flash 2 Pass as a company appears to have folded so you can't buy these things anymore and it's the perfect garage door opening solution so I really want to make it work!

The F2P unit connects to any 12v wire and the company instructions say to attach it to your Headlight high beam so that when you flash the headlights that sends the signal to the receiver which opens the door.

The stealership said they the V4 doesn't have any 12v wires ( how can that be??) so they tried connecting it to the horn (stupid idea as you now wake everyone up when you come and go) but this didn't work.
Does anyone have any ideas? Can I attach it to the highbeam wires on the V4? If so where are they?

Thanks all


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