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V4 Electronics ECU Malfunction at heat

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Hi Guys

I have been actively involved in the thread about the QS issues and fading clutch issues and although I responded there, I thought that my latest V4 issue could warrant a new thread.

After replacing my QS when it just stopped working, the bike went back to have the clutch slave cylinder replaced as it was sucking air. It didnt make a difference, and Ducati ended up replacing the whole system, everything from the lever, resovoir, lines and both pumps. Seems okay now, but not the end of my problems.

First time out on track, bike runs extremely hot, 4th bar (still cannot understand how such an expensive bike doesn't have a temperature gauge btw) and then everything just went haywire!!!!

QS stopped working again. Engine light on, DQS err, EBC err, all other electronic systems flashing, no QS, no DTC, no DSC, no DWC and the bike cannot start in neutral without pulling clutch in. After the bike cooled down a bit (although everything still flashed) the QS works again and the bike can start in neutral without having to pull the clutch in. Still no gear indication however. Definitely heat related though.

It went back to Ducati, who reset the ECU and all was fine ... or was it?

Next track day, 2nd lap, same thing!!!!! So obviously it is being caused by something else when it gets hot. Ducati is trying to figure it out, but I was wondering if anyone has had the same issue and resolved it yet. Maybe ECU is cooking or gear sensor?

I'm also trying to establish why the bike is running so exceptionally hot - If I match the bars to what the owners manual says, it runs between 104 and 125 which is way too high in my view, especially since it is moving during track riding and not traffic conditions. I do live in South Africa and our summers can get extremely hot, and we are 1700m above sea level so the air is thin, but I don't know if this could make such a big difference. Well at least, it didnt with my 1199, 1098, 796, 748 or Dark.

Let me know
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I have had pretty much the same issue. Do you have the Ducati sidestand eliminator? This can fail when hot, then returns to normal when cooled. It'll need to be replaced.
Second, what exhaust do you have? The gear position sensor can over heat, but then work when cool. It'll need replacing.
I had mine, and the shifter replaced under warranty, testing Monday.
Does your EBC work? Can you tell a difference between level 1 and level 3?
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