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Motomillion has termi UpMap T800 for sale, for a pretty decent price to tune your Panigale V4.. Apparently it connects to your bike and then you bluetooth to the unit with your phone to change mapping, see real time engine parameters, as well as a few other features, should be a decent tuning device if you put on a slip on exhaust and don't have a tune solution.. It is not on the website but if you email Mani, he will get back to you in a timely manor!
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How much? And factor in the v4 club discount!
I paid $365, nut I bought an Arrow exhaust from Mani as well, not sure if that factors into the price or not..
Hey everyone, remember to use the discount code V4 Club to receive your discount on your purchases through

The UpMap is now available directly from here :

They just released the mapping for the Akrapovic full titanium exhaust as well. We are trying to organize a date to dyno a V4S before and after the UpMap. Before would be with the Ducati supplied UpMap and the after will be the UpMap T800 mapping for the exhaust.
My bike... Ducati V4R

does the up map t800 use the key ive heard about. i have an exhaust akrapovic but a little unsure on the mapping as ducati said i need a key . ive brought the exhaust from ebay and have no key but i do have the previous bike chassis number
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