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My sons dirt bike was stolen in a targeted robbery but they also got a good look what I have in my shed even though they all have disc locks it won't deter the most brazen of them, I may add these theives took the bike which was behind another bike in a locked shed whilst we all slept.
So I have been looking on line at GPS trackers and just want to find a system that is good and robust and does the job and can put up with heat.

So could you please at least take the time to respond as to what tracking device you have and its pro's and cons, I have looked at 20,000mAh battery powered ones that offer 800 days stand by but you have to recharge them occasionally, the benifit there is they remain virtually undetected no weird wires to allert the criminals.

I have also had a bike stolen years ago in 1977 when I was only 23 it was a 1976 Z900 which I worked my tail off to buy brand new and was the only transport I had, believe you me there is no more hollow or upsetting feeling than coming out to an empty parking bay.

Thank you.
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