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After my 2018 V4S sitting a few months in a trickle charger I went to start it for a quick ride, but instead the fan came on constantly and the dash board display began flashing thru every light available and all showing errors. Looks like a complete electronics failure. Any thoughts?


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I’ve reposted this issue
Bike has been operating well
V4 2019 Speciale
Went to start abs dtc error flashing on dash
Fans not working
Found BBS fuse blown
As I was replacing the fuse it blew straight away again
Nothing has been changed or be dismantled
Very strange
After verifying all the wiring IOs connected to the BBS I couldn’t determine any faults
Purchased a new BBS. Installed It and synchronised with ECU.
Errors gone but still have engine light and exclamation symbols illuminated
DDS diagnostics request Ducati Strategy?
Attached are photos of the BBS and the burnt out circuit board
This whole circuit board to only protected by one 15A input fuse
So if there is a high resistance anywhere on other IOS potentially the board could burn out!

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Anyone had this issue and what was the solution
I’ve read a numerous articles on BBS failures
I‘m in the opinion this could be a design floor As there is no further electrical protection
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