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Throttle spacer

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Hi all

Just bought and fitted my Ducati throttle spacers, soooo much better
If you haven't yet done this i urge you to do so

Great piece of kit and easily fitted
Order came from USA to Uk within a few days
Brilliant get one
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Just installed mine, great product, best modification for the money you can make to the v4 - or any other Panigale.
Easy to fit and the resulting throttle control is how it always should have been from the factory
Same here put the spacers in my V4S and the wifes 2018 Supersport S makes life a whole lot better no more juggling absolutely no play perfect

What are they
Where did you get
How to put on
Does it take slack out
Any Ducati dealer should have them if not go on flea-bay, takes about 15 minutes to fit (Got mine done on its first service) and from my post above "absolutely no play perfect"..........

Here is a link below - yes they are only 2 bits of plastic but they improve the throttle immensely well worth the addition to your V4 all of us that have had them fitted as per this thread love'em.....

link ~
Think I'm gonna have to do this. Way to much play in the throttle
Think I'm gonna have to do this. Way to much play in the throttle
Plus One. First and Best Mod I did for my V4.

Santa Cruz
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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