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Sportbike Tires for Best Performance – Our top 3 Picks

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High-quality tires intended for sportbikes must be able to provide confidence when handling at high speed and ensure stability during acceleration and cornering. You surely want to feel safe when the bike behaves predictively regardless of the weather, speed, or intensity of maneuvering. Some of the best brands of motorcycle tires use advanced grip limit feedback technologies that offer instant feedback from the tires when you are leaning aggressively on sharp corners.

To improve cornering performance and feel, tire sidewalls are reinforced. Unique tread designs ensure a secure grip in wet conditions thanks to improved drainage. For racing enthusiasts, we can offer special tires providing a short warm-up time, confident braking, and long service life. In this post, we present our top-3 best-selling sportbike tires by renowned brands. Have you tried them? What do you look for when choosing a new pair of tires? Please let us know in replies.


Unprecedented handling for a new generation of sporty behavior
Bi-compound with wide side soft stripe offering full grip starting from mid lean angle
Large footprint area for improved adherence
110/70ZR17 54H
120/60ZR17 55W
120/70ZR17 58W
130/70R17 62H
140/70ZR17 66H
150/60ZR17 66H
160/60ZR17 69W
180/55ZR17 73W
180/60ZR17 75W
190/50ZR17 73W
190/55ZR17 75W
200/55ZR17 78W
240/45ZR17 82W


Radial Tire
Zero Degree JLSB (Joint-Less Steel Belted) - (rear)
Aramid belted - (front)
DOT approved
Tread compound designed for excellent grip with extended tread life
Tread radius is designed for enhanced high-speed cornering
Expertly crafted from the highest grade materials
Set the standard for excellence in the tire industry
Unique, dependable, and functional
150/80ZR16 71(W)
120/60ZR17 55(W)
120/70ZR17 58(W)
140/75VR-17 67V
160/60ZR17 69(W)
170/60ZR17 72(W)
180/55ZR17 73(W)
190/50ZR17 73(W)
200/50ZR17 75(W)
200/55VR17 78V
120/70ZR18 59(W)
200/50VR18 76V
300/35VR18 87V
130/60VR23 65V


Sport the revolutionary new design - optimized tread pattern
Tubeless construction, durable tread and sidewall
Provide uncompromising traction and exceptional handling
Dual compound front tire and triple compound rear tire design
120/70ZR17 58W
120/70ZR17 58W
160/60ZR17 69W
180/55ZR17 73W
180/55ZR17 73W
190/50ZR17 73W
190/55ZR17 75W
200/55ZR17 78W

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