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Speciale Engine Stalls

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HI, I just got an Speciale Aprox 200 miles on it now and have notice that the engine will stall on the first 5 to 10 minutes of riding when pulling the clutch before stopping. Is not related to been warm as I have let the engine warm up for up to 10 minutes before riding.

It has the full AKRA installed so no canister and all recalls have been corrected.

Anyone dealing with the same issues?

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Can we get some video footage of this happening?
It stalls as you're coming to a stop, only with clutch in? Assuming like sub 5mph?


Have not had this issue. Have over 1500 miles on a V4S

Video would be interesting like someone else said
I have the Speciale as well, this happened to me once, I came rolling to a stop light I pulled the clutch in and the engine died. Fired it back up and it was fine. This was all before the akro+up map install. It has only happened once in the whole 1000km ive put on.
Video would be very difficult to capture as its a random event, I did have the akro/map installed before delivery.

I will keep riding it and take it in for the first maintenance, see what they say.

That happened to most of my Ducatis I’ve had in the past. It’s very random and it usually starts right up. I do have to say... some happened more than others but not often enough to be bothersome. It happened the most with my Panigale R. Light flywheel didn’t help either.

Hasn’t happened on my Speciale yet. I only put 100km on her so far and had to go to vacation so I can’t comment yet. Can’t wait to go back and ride!
Going to be difficult to source the problem, especially if its intermittent. Hopefully it becomes less frequent as you continue the break in process.
I couldn't image this problem being the result of the Akra system/map, as there are other owners on here who have that setup as well. Keep us posted if the problem persists or a if solution is found.
Bike is at the dealer, they are checking the stalling and QS issues. Stalling has happened 3 times in about 400 miles of riding, usually at the beginning of the ride, QS issues are an everyday occurrence but also at the beginning of rides. I have tried letting it warm for almost 20 minutes before riding it but the results are always the same. Will let you know what the dealer says.
Bike still at the dealer... They just received a new QS and will replace it, hopefully this afternoon.
Update- The QS issue was fixed by replacing it., now it works great.

But is back at the dealer again because of an oil leak :(
Update- The QS issue was fixed by replacing it., now it works great.

But is back at the dealer again because of an oil leak :(

Where is the oil leak?
They think it’s coming from the counter shaft sprocket, Ducati approved the replacements and they are waiting for the parts now.
I remember seeing QS issues mentioned on the 1199 communities back when I was interested in going that route.
Not entirely surprised to see it here as well.
After the dealer fixed the leak, it was Ok for 2 weeks and it started leaking again :(

Going back for repair....
Sounds like the shaft itself is tearing the seal, unless the mechanic didn't install the new seal correctly.
I don't know whats the issue., They told me Ducati issued a new part (new part number) for the seal when they replace it last time. I guess it did not solved the issue. The leak is minimal. just a drop every couple of days. But is there and when it drips it lands on the exhaust causing a little smoke to appear before it burns out the oil. Still it's a new 40K motorcycle with 600miles and it should not be leaking oil.
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Probably why I see people going for Honda and Yamaha over Duc's
If you run it on 98 Octane it can run like a hairy goat sometimes and stall out can also be hard to start when cold mine stalled out 3 times whilst in city cycle and is still likes to act up starting cold at times.
But I think I have cold starts sorted by turning the ignition on and waiting for the click from under the battery panel or somewhere there abouts.

I have no solution for 98 Octane woes except if your always in city flows of traffic try it on 95 Octane and use 98 on long runs...

I've owned a good lot of Honda's never owned a Yamahaha :p but riding Ducati's is like on a rail around corners and the straightline speed of the V4 no matter the model designation in stock form is astonishing.
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