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Rear view camera/ mirror removal

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Was interested in installing a rear facing camera and removing the mirrors . I feel like they are basically useless anyway and always look over my shoulder or turn around to check anyway. Does anyone have an experience with this type of modification . I found a very small camera on amazon for like $29 bucks . Not sure how to pair it with a monitor but that was my thought. Have it power on with the bike and constantly showing images. No recording .... thoughts /idea welcome !
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Lots of $$$ for something you can’t even ride and try.... the helmet does look nice tho.
Why the rear view camera is you look over your shoulder anyways? I know people install rear facing cameras for security, but don't think anyone has added a screen for real time display.
You may find it difficult to view a screen while riding with the glare, but you could try to eliminate that with a tinted windscreen I suppose. Does that camera that you're looking at come with a monitor?
@German4rings have you figured out how to display the rear view camera in real time?
Ya , it’s running off a monitor and I have a rear view camera that I have set to a switch so I can turn it off and on .... would you like some pics ?
Just get a Skully. Lol.
lol they went under a long time ago... and under some very shady circumstances at that. Although some of the founders started a new company and "better" version.
Yeah I think the technology still has a ways to go before its really considered an affordable accessory for the average rider. I think the cheapest option I have seen is still around $1500, and I agree that its hard to justifying spending that without getting the chance to test it out.
Try the Reevu helmet, it has a built in "rearview mirror" works really well, to the point that my arais sit in the house with the exception of track days.. I too though am looking into a rear facing camera and monitor for riding vs the Reevu, not that I dont like the helmet, i just want more options while riding, would really like a helmet with transitions face shield, V4 headlights blow donkey dick at night...
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