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The stalling and lack of power like starvation I atrtibute to running 98 Octane which is what I run all my bikes on as I do long hauls it made sense for a cleaner burn but at times when the engine was cold it would not fire for ages.
So I ran a tank of 95 Octane and it fires first time but due to the hauls I do and the stations selling 95 Octane in our wheatbelt are non existen so 98 it is.
I have read all of this thread and find it rather sad that you guys seem to think Ducati got it wrong do you really think VW (whom own Ducati) are going to fluff around with emissions again how many millions did that lie cost them.

Ive been on bikes since 1974 and have owned some really nice ones and some not so nice ones surviving the years where we had brilliant engines, suspect frames and skinny tyres that you put faith hope & charity into when going fast into corners oh yes they occaisionally stopped!!!!
I love my Ducati V4 "S" there is nothing like DWC on 2 and wringing its neck in race mode with the front tyre just on the deck those 200 horses are phenominal I love it just do not know how I will keep my license!!

If the bike displeases you so much get rid of it do not bemoan the thing there are very few bikes in stock trim that will keep up with a V4 I mean the ZX14 has 160Nm torque but weighs 268Kgs the V4 at 124Nm at 195Kgs

I have an 848 that I really love its in Xerox trim been modded with a Q/S, PCM 3 and Termi's with a Race ECU it was just dynoed at 136.5 RWHP but it is in the shade as far as performing like the V4.
I like my Dukes so much at the same time I got my V4 I brought my wife a Ducati Supersport "S" as well she loves her bike as well a quantum leap from her Honda 500RA.
When I jump on my Honda 1100XX SuperBlack Bird it feels like a house on wheels but it is comfortable, anyway guys there is nothing wrong I feel with the V4 the dropping of 2 cyl's at lights is smart unless you like frying your figs, I think 1299's are good for that are they not.


41 - 41 of 41 Posts