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Could you please answer my questions on what to do to my V4S 2018 model, I have 3 items I wish to fit next summer but can only really do one this year in the last 2 months I brought 10 tyres for my steads plus servicing them all and the V4 had its 12,000Klm service.:surprise:
Also this summer I put on a set of Rizoma rear sets that along with insurances.
My query is; I want to fit either;
A) BST Carbon rims and want to know those of you that have them did you recalibrate the unit and will it calibrate correctly so all the functions for DWC, DSC, ABS and so on will function as designed. I know the unit can recalibrate for different size tyres but we are not swapping a tyre its the rim.
B) Set of Akro slip ons with an ECU flash can you do the full flash with Racing EVO with just the slip ons or do you have to buy the complete system and I really cannot justify $9,990/Au + fitting for the system.
C) Has anyone fitted a VANDEMON system as my friend has one on his 1299 and they sound great they make one for the V4 at about $5,800/Au has anyone got one fitted to their V4 and what up map did you use.

Appreciate the forumers input
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Well thanks for the replies I'm pretty stoked at the level of replies that I received guess from now on if I learn something that others may wish to know about their V4's will keep it in the bag I hope you get your LI charger German4rings as I found out that the V4S '18 models onwards were supposed to come with one in answer to your question about the charger........!
That's for all you others out there that never got one as well with your S it was supposed to be with the bike cannot say about the base model.

I was not asking for anything really difficult just some input thanks.............................
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