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Production of the V4

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So I just read this article that takes you on a walkthrough of the V4's production facility. Pretty interesting to see that 90% of what goes into Ducati's is sourced from outside contractors. Looks like Ducati has a pretty strict 100% inspection process for new supplies, and any defects found cause them to lose their status and require re-evaluation. If you're interested here's the link
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Thanks for sharing man, was an interesting read for sure. It's always cool to get a behind the scenes look at stuff, especially when you can see just how much attention to detail and quality testing these parts go through. Pretty crazy how engines are assembled nowadays and its surprising that the assembly process only takes two hours.
I like that they're using some automation in the process similar to what Amazon does. Little things like this go a long way to improve build quality, less time on the small things and more attention on what matters:

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