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Phone Mount

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Hi Everyone,

Just picked my V4S up this past Thursday, and I've been busy putting in some break in miles, and I have to say I absolutely love the bike so far. As for a phone mount, I've seen ads for the quad lock, which looks quite good, but as far as i can see, there's no place to mount it.

Has anyone found a viable solution for a cell phone mount? I've run a search, but it looks like no one has talked about this yet. The problem with the quad lock as far as I can see, is that we don't have any free space on our clip ons, and the mirror mount option won't work, since our mirrors stems aren't cylindrical (I'm planning on swapping out my stock mirrors anyway).

Please let me know if anyone has any good options, thanks very much in advance!
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Congrats on the new Speciale and welcome to the forum. Unfortunately the only options that really exist on the market atm are universal, so fitment is going to be hit or miss.
Revzilla claims this will work on the bike.

I ordered one along with a magnetic mount (I use rubber-coated magnets to put the same radar detector on all of my bikes, however the V4 Speciale appears not to have a steel tank).

I'll let you know if I can find a place to mount it!

I think wrist cases are worth looking into if you might need that type of convenience.
****, I actually want to find a way to put that quad lock onto the bike, seems to be the best mounting system (for the actual phone that is), but mounting that to the bike is definitely a challenge.

On the left clipon, there’s a little bit of free space, I’ve measure it at about 13-14mm, the standard bar mount quad lock requires 16mm.

Anyone else with any ideas? If the fork stem mount that jdkerner linked above works, that’ll actually work with the ball adapter from quad lock. I really wanna stay away from a wrist case haha
The standard RAM fork stem mount won't work w/ the rubber stopper piece, but you can use a dry wall screw in its place and it will hold probably better than using the rubber piece. That's how I ended up doing it; I thought the RAM magnet mount would be sufficient for my radar detector but a bump would knock it off so I currently use rubber bands to hold it down in place and stays put no matter the road or speed (180+mph). I plan on finding thin metal pieces I can use in place of the rubber band so I can just dock/undock easier.

This is the original setup, but I switched to the 1/2" arm so it's smaller as this one was blocking my view of the tac. Also I have a phone cover taped to the radar detector and my phone I lock in place when riding so it looks like a phone mount to the unsuspecting eye. I'll upload photos of the new setup soon.


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It might be a good idea to put some locking grease (locktite?) just to ensure it'll hold up to the vibrations over time if not already included, especially in an adequate amount. $2 for a tube of that grease can go a long way.
The RAM stem mount works, but not well. The fork stem is not a deep cylinder, just a ring; there is less for the rubber to grab and my radar detector wobbles. I need another fix.
Does this fit on the V4? Not sure which bike you show in the photos.
The RAM stem mount works, but not well. The fork stem is not a deep cylinder, just a ring; there is less for the rubber to grab and my radar detector wobbles. I need another fix.
It will fall out if you are just using the outer ring part... just use a dry wall butterfly anchor, that's what I did...

I forget the size I got, but I got the larger type with higher weight rating. Just got to Home Depot or local hardware store and find that'll fit.
Did you use this instead of the rubber piece?
Did you use this instead of the rubber piece?
I cut off the large rubber piece and drilled out the hole just to give a little padding for the stem so it's not sitting on the metal of the bike.
I am using a RAM claw mount to clamp to the top triple clamp. I got an adhesive RAM mount ball and stuck it on the bottom of my Escort Max 360 radar detector. At the moment I zip tied a phone holder to the top of the radar detector. Another option was using the RAM phone xmount with the claw clamp. The Escort has blue tooth and talks with an app on the phone. The frustrating part is that the detector will not communicate with a helmet headset. I have one of those bright led helmet gadgets that shines bright when the detector finds something. Will combine that with running the Escort app on the phone and see how that works. The claw mount is kind of clunky and easy to steal, but also easy to put on and take off.
Which size claw? Can you post a photo of the mount alone? Thanks!
Thanks! I ordered the clamp with the X-claw. So is your setup to have the Escort bluetooth with your phone, then your phone bluetooth to headset? Or do you just wear wired earbuds? I use a SENA SM-10 to transmit from a Uniden R1 to wireless earbuds or headset depending on the helmet.
At present I do not have a headset. I use this system to alert me that the detector has picked up something then I can look at the phone for more details. Not ideal and it is a work in progress. Very frustrating that I can't send the Escort audio to a bluetooth headset. The escort is great in the car because you can hear the audio alerts from the detector itself. Escort really does need to enable the max 360 to connect to a headset. It already can connect to a phone, so a headset should not require much more work. Probably just a firmware update. I bought the 360 for a car to start with.
So here is how I have mine set up, right now I only have a rubber band to help hold it down because the magnet RAM mount isn't strong enough on bumps... I will eventually get around to finding some metal or plastic pieces I can use to lock it the radar detector in place so I can just twist to dock/undock. But the RAM mount has a nice little profile, people don't know what it is and just curious what the heck my phone mount is :p
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