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Panigale V4S dyno @ MotoRapido

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Great hearing the Panigale V4 in action, but I was expecting to see a dyno chart somewhere in there.:D
I was able to find this dyno chart.

Looks like the figures are pretty close what's been advertised. Guess we'll have a better idea once we have some actual user tests and reviews of the bike. Fingers crossed.
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This reminds me that getting used to that digital cluster will take some time, still weird for me seeing a digital speedo... going to miss having a needle.
It would be great if they allowed a little bit of customization with the new digital clusters, such as a few different pre-sets/color schemes. I'm definitely more of a fan of the traditional needle as well.
I doubt they could consider it give the price these go for and all the other areas that need far more attention. Most Ducati owners I know could care less of how the gauge looks, instead its more about how the bike rides. However on future flagship Supercorsa bikes, they should invest the time to make these refinements.

You have to admit that the new digital cluster is pretty clean looking, not to mention all the additional information you have on hand.
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Hopefully down the road this will mean we can get some of that information to sync with a google glass type product.
After the failure of the Skully, it looks like a new company has come to fill the void, in building a heads up display for your helmet.

It seems to connect to android and apple devices and can be upgraded as new features become available. What do you guys think? Helpful or hurtful?
Its a good start and we will have to see how well it sells first because it could either sell so well that some bigger brands take it on or do so poorly that it takes forever to get even decent traction.
The Skully was gaining tons of traction, raising around $15 million in funding. They decided however to spend that money on personal trips and exotic cars, so suffice to say they had to file for bankruptcy. I think the market for it exists, we just have to find a company that builds a solid product, that's adopted by one of the already existing big brands.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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