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Panigale V4 Clear Clutch Cover

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Evotech Clear Clutch Cover For The Panigale V4

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Looks awesome!!!! What’s the price on that?
Man if you could somehow get that cover to light up, it would look way better. I really don't know how many owners are going do something like this on a $30k bike.
Not for me, doesn't really suit the bike and looks a little cheap. They should have at least made it in a carbon fiber finish or something.
Never seen one until now and I do agree, it doesn't really match the V4's aesthetics though it will definitely fit right in with bikes from other brands like Kawasaki. Also doesn't feel as protective as a solid piece.
You guys need to look at CNC or Ducabike, those definitely look way better.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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