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Panigale V4 already CRASHED

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Sorry to see this has happened already hopefully the rider is okay, is it your bike?
Ouch, looks like a lowside crash but worse. Hope the owner of that V4 is okay, motorcycles can be replaced but people can't.
On the plus side if the owner is planning to sell then it could mean a much cheaper V4 for someone willing to buy it. Someone looking for a track project will love it.
From a cursory glance, it looks like most of the damage was absorbed by the fairing and that wheel. With some tlc it should be fine and no need to sell it off. But fairing pieces are a pain in your wallet to replace.
As long as the engine and frame are in tact, I'd buy it with fairing replacement :)
Some people I know would sell it give the fact its not longer a clean record bike but a real question right now would be who owns it and who dropped it? Being in a dealership do you guys think it was done by the dealer? It could even be an owner that brought it in to get fixed.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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