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Hi Guys!

I have recently bought a panigale V4 22 (newest version in China). This bike has just brought me a lot of headaches. The bike starts surging at idling. It sounds like the idle is extremely unstable and the engine is about to shut off ( but it never really does). And the engine does turn off by itself when I pull the clutch and downshift in a traffic light for example. It happens like the engine turns off as soon as you pull the clutch. And it happens a lot!
The above mentioned issued happens when it was completely new and stock. I modified Termignoni full exhaust pipe and flashed the map by T800, but problem remains.
I sent the bike to dearship, and there is nothing they can diagnose. They told me the laptop told them everything is normal and they don’t know what the problem is. I really don’t think the mechanics here in China are well trained, they just don’t know nothing!
Has anyone ever experienced similar issue? Really appreciate for your answers!
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