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Thought it'd be interesting to see what everyone is wearing while they ride; helmet, jacket, pants, boots, camera setup, etc.

Here's Mine:
AGV Corsa helmet
Dainese leather jacket and trousers
Dainese Nexus boots

Thinking of sticking a go pro to the helmet.

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AGV K5 FireRace helmet
AGV K5 Deep helmet
Arai Corsair V helmet

Revit GP-R jacket
Revit Galactic jacket
Dainese R-Twin Vintage jacket
Alpinestars T-GP Pro Air mesh jacket
Alpinestars MX Cooling vest
Gears heated jacket liner

Revit Masaru pants
Revit Gear 2 pants
Revit Seattle jeans
Alpinestars Ramjet Air pants
Alpinestars Ride Tech Summer Bottom

Sidi Vertigo boots
Sidi Mythos bootlets

Alpinestars GP Plus R gauntlets
Revit H20 waterproof gauntlets
Taichi short gloves
Dainese vintage short gloves
Gears heated glove liners

3D0 back protector
Forcefield back protector

Yes, I have a gear addiction and No, I'm not seeking professional help at the moment.

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I don't see a problem. All you need to seek is an Ikea for a dedicated motorcycle gear closet!
Thanks for understanding. I just placed an order for a armored track vest. It just doesn't end. About your closet idea: I was thinking about putting one of those Home Depot outdoor shed in the garage and calling it my walk-in closet.
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