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Thought it'd be interesting to see what everyone is wearing while they ride; helmet, jacket, pants, boots, camera setup, etc.

Here's Mine:
AGV Corsa helmet
Dainese leather jacket and trousers
Dainese Nexus boots

Thinking of sticking a go pro to the helmet.
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AGV Pista GP
Dainese Super Rider D-Dry Jacket
Bull-It Slim Jeans
Dainese Full Metal RS gloves
Dainese Axial Pro Boots

I use a send 10c for Action Cam/BT capability.
AGV AX-8 Naked Carbon Helmet
Joe Rocket Hardcore Armored Hoody
Joe Rocket Mission Moto Jeans
Icon 29er Motorcycle Gloves
Firstgear Mesh Lo Boots
AGV K5 FireRace helmet
AGV K5 Deep helmet
Arai Corsair V helmet

Revit GP-R jacket
Revit Galactic jacket
Dainese R-Twin Vintage jacket
Alpinestars T-GP Pro Air mesh jacket
Alpinestars MX Cooling vest
Gears heated jacket liner

Revit Masaru pants
Revit Gear 2 pants
Revit Seattle jeans
Alpinestars Ramjet Air pants
Alpinestars Ride Tech Summer Bottom

Sidi Vertigo boots
Sidi Mythos bootlets

Alpinestars GP Plus R gauntlets
Revit H20 waterproof gauntlets
Taichi short gloves
Dainese vintage short gloves
Gears heated glove liners

3D0 back protector
Forcefield back protector

Yes, I have a gear addiction and No, I'm not seeking professional help at the moment.
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I don't see a problem. All you need to seek is an Ikea for a dedicated motorcycle gear closet!
I don't see a problem. All you need to seek is an Ikea for a dedicated motorcycle gear closet!
Thanks for understanding. I just placed an order for a armored track vest. It just doesn't end. About your closet idea: I was thinking about putting one of those Home Depot outdoor shed in the garage and calling it my walk-in closet.
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