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That looks effing fantastic. I ordered the same kit right after you did...I was very apprehensive but I can't wait now
They suggest clear coating over these, in the broken English (from Italian) limited directions. But i'm not.

That looks great! Money well spent. Was it more difficult to get it positioned right or trying to keep all the air bubbles out?
Yes, complete pain. I mentioned directions above, there really is none as far as placement 'tips', or anything helpful. Just had to wing it.
You obviously clean the parts well, (soap and water, then wipe with alcohol).
Spray both the part and the back of the sticker with a very mild solution of dish soap and water, move them around till it looks right and then start pressing, pushing, and squeegeeing the air and water out. The careful use of a heat-gun helps quit a bit for shrinking or stretching in places... The vinyl must be perforated (microscopically) or something, because the air bubbles are on the most part easily pushed out and disappear easily... Hope this helps, Good luck !
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