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Hi guys,

This is my first thread. I hope I am posting in the right category.

I got rear-ended on my 2018 V4S last summer by another motorcycle (S1000rr) and after that I purchased it back from my insurance company and decided to repair it.
So yesterday I started taking off all of the fairings, getting some access and cleaning the bike and that's when I noticed that I have some oil spread out throughout the front of my motor. (behind the radiator is where I first noticed it) - after taking it apart even more, I was able to see oil coming from the very top, by the looks of it, the air box.
So I took off the fuel tank and the top of the air box.
This is what I saw. Some oil was gathered up inside - at the deepest corner. there was also oil residue all over the mechanical/electrical parts inside the airbox also.
After taking out the air intake filter, I was also able to see the K&N air filter slightly soaked in oil along the bottom edge.

I do not have Warranty on this bike anymore since it was in an accident, BUT... I also don't have a Ducati Dealer/ licensed mechanic in my province as of 2021. So bringing it to a dealer is my last option as I will have to trailer it there for 18+ hours.

This is the research I have done so far.
  • Phoned a Ducati Dealer Mechanic, and he says its probably the water pump. (surpassingly a very common issue)
  • Searched Forums and Google, to find out that it could be many things such as - Oil Breather Tube - from possibly over filling the bike with oil or doing wheelies
  • The Web also says it could be the head gasket or a warped cylinder :cry:

The diagnosing I have done so far
  • checked the oil breather tube - Appears DRY with no evidence of oil shooting out
  • checked the oil level - appears to be exactly at the top bar (with bike standing level)
  • checked around my valve cover gaskets - they all look dry except for the front end of the front two cylinders and the oil appears to be coming from above them and not below.

About the bike and my riding style
  • 2018 Panigale V4S
  • 7k km on odometer
  • I did the oil service myself last year using MOTUL 300V and OEM oil filter.
  • Starts, runs, and drives flawlessly. - no issues yet (slightly choppy in 1st but I head its norm)
  • My riding style - I maybe only put 1k on this bike since my ownership with it, so I barely got to ride it. I do however seek adrenaline from time to time so I pop the occasional Wheelie and do some high-speed runs every now and then.

My goal with this thread is to see if anyone here has experienced anything like this before and what they did to resolve the issue.
My guess: Perhaps I overfilled the oil level, and after some wheelies the oil started spitting out somewhere. but I cant confirm exactly where and the dealer mechanic saying that its probably the water pump confuses me even more.

Thank you, any advise or tips are greatly appreciated


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