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Ohlin's suspension wiring diagram

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Hey guys,
I have a bit of an odd question.

I have a 2018 Panigale V4S and it comes with the Electronically adaptable Ohlin's front suspension.
I bought the bike off the salvage auction and now in the middle of rebuilding/repairing it.

The bike must have flipped upside down and done some sliding that way, as the fork top/cap has quite a bit of road rash.

That being said, I ordered a new Fork Caps Kit (Part #34921321A)
The wiring was all busted as well and came out of the pigtail - however I got a new OEM pigtail and now just need to figure out the wiring order before I install the new pigtail.

My question to you guys, or anyone that has a 2018 V4S - can someone tell me what color the wires are on the left fork top/cap and the order they go from left to right when you slide your little wiring cover off. (Ideally if someone could take a picture and post it on here, I would be greatly appreciate it)

The only reason I need this is because the wires on my left fork are now all mixed up, and before I plug them back into the new pigtail connector, I need to figure out the right order of the wires.

I hope this makes sense,

Ivan. V

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