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New Rage Cycles (NRC) is by far the most popular brand when it comes to fender eliminator kits (tail tidy kits) for the Ducati Panigale models.

All kits are made in USA and backed with excellent customer service you'd expect from any reputable manufacturer. Their fender eliminator kit for the Panigale V4 really cleans up the tail of the bike and with their ultra bright LED lights it adds an element of safety ensuring other motorists are able to clearly see your signal lights. Also the lights are angled in such way and intentionally placed apart at a certain distance so that others can easily tell the direction which you are signaling.

Fits all Panigale V4, V4S and Speciale models.

Allows the license plate to be mounted in the "tucked" or "standard" position.



How much?

- NRC Ducati Panigale V4 Tail Tidy Kits are only $210 USD
- Shipping is free within USA
- Affordable and quick International Shipping options.

How to Purchase?

- Order directly from our website using this link :
- Use discount code V4CLUB at checkout to get the forum discount.

Installation and Demonstration Video

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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The NRC tail tidy looks fantastic, especially in the tucked position. What are the laws in regards to these plate hiders?

They aren't exactly plate hiders, they are fender eliminators, they are meant to elminate the fender, while keeping the license plate visible.

You would have to check with your local authorities. It will change from municipality to municipality. But the license plate has two positions, so if they are very strict you can have it in the standard position and the license plate is very visible.

Here in Miami Florida we've been using similar kits on our bikes in the tucked position for years (on other bikes than the V4 as well obviously) without a single issue.
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