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New V4 base on the way with extras

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Hey guys, so my bike should be showing up in the next two to four weeks. So far I have gotten a good list of parts together. I am very excited to get my bike and to start turning the 2019 V4 into my own. I have owned many bikes and currently track a 2015 bmw s1000rr. This will be my first v4 and I can't wait to ride. Here is my list, I will do pictures and a full review of the products,install and the quality of everything. Thanks!

Austin racing GP 3 cat delete
Full " race of champions" decal kit
Ducati tank protector
Ducati corse rim decal package
CNC clutch and brake protectors
CNC front axel slider
CNC rear axel slider
CNC rear axel nut red
CNC clear clutch cover red
CNC Red clutch hub
CNC limited red rear sets
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Look forward to following the build as it progresses. Quite a lot of owners have gone with decal kits and have had some really impressive results.
I heard they're planning for a naked which across many motorcycle segments have been in demand.
Congrats Howard and welcome to the forum. Curious to hear your impressions of how it compares to your track S1000RR.
Welcome. There are some reports that even Honda is mulling the idea of a V4 powerplant on future models.
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