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New owner in Dallas

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Hi All,
Very happy to be here. I just upgraded from *ahem*aprilia to a V4 Corse.
I'll be on the track this weekend teaching with and I'll be peeling the stock bodywork off as soon as the race plastics arrive. I also need to swap the Pirellis out for Dunlops so I hope I can figure out the tire calibration process - it was always hit/miss on the RSV4.

Looking forward to melting some Dunlops.


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Not surprised to the A word mentioned on a Duc board. It happens often enough.

I never get pictures or video of me on the track - I'm always the one with the cameras. So this was a real shock to find a student got video of me. This was a fantastic weekend. I saw 182mph on the dash in the first session, with no effort.

What a machine. I had no idea what I was missing. And everything I hear about the engine says it wont have the same mechanical quirks the aprilia had.

However - has anyone else noticed that this V4 often doesn't like to start after having the fuel tank filled up? On multiple occasions I had to wait a few minutes between cranking the starter for 30+ seconds. After a very confusing/concerning delay it fired up, but this has happened multiple times per day, every time I go to the track.


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