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Hello all,
Just picked up my v4s last week and though less than 100Kms up, its an amazing machine! Had a '16 Aprilia RSV4 RF for a year or so prior to the Ducati, also have a F4 MV Senna in the garage.

Initial limited thoughts, the engine makes some interesting noises which I really like, dash is just brilliant and intuative, and whilst some are divided on looks - I really like it, it grows on you and becomes more interesting from a design point of view each time you look at it. The brakes are just from another planet, just fantastic feel and precision.

Very early in the ownership but I would pick it over the Aprilia from a overall preference point of view.

Still researching battery tender, thoughts on the Optimate Lithium product?

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Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new Speciale. Not all that surprised to hear that you prefer it over the Aprilia.
Congrats and welcome! Quite the stable of bikes that you've got there. This your first ducats?
Thanks, yes first Ducati, was never a L Twin fan - had a couple of test rides on the 1299 but always felt it was in charge not me...
I really like the v4 configuration, the RSV4 is a very refined motor but it has been around some time now so its had a fair time to develop. I did hessitate just for a while on buying into the first iteration of the Ducati v4, but so far have only very positive things to say, and all the updates and recalls were already taken care of.

The only down side I can see is the price and time to fit ($'s) for an aftermarket exhaust - i will probably at this stage just keep it stock
Welcome to the forum, where are you located?
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