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New Member, New to Ducati

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Hey Forum,

First Ducati! Loving my 2019 V4! Located in Sacramento CA and thought I would introduce myself.

Also wanted to get some feedback from fellow members on the installation of an R&G Radiator/Oil Cooler guard set. The instructions look unpleasant and I have no doubt I would break something trying it myself but it looks painfully expensive if I ask the dealer to do it at my break in service... Any thoughts or expertise you could share would be very much appreciated.

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Rad/Oil cooler guards

Don't hang about with them get them fitted I had mine (Evo Techs) fitted straight out of the crate before the bike even saw the black top, whilst your at it better get the under tail fuel tank guard as well I put one on about 1500 klms ago as I ended up with a great stone chip in the tank under the tail. Pound wiser than a penny foolish as if you get a hole in your oil cooler of radiator the result could spit you & the bike down the road. Others riding without guards are playing with fire may never happen but if it does it won't be right next door to a Ducati dealership you can bet on that.
Welcome aboard.

The R&G are fairly straight forward to fit. Just need to take side panel fairings off. Also make sure once everything is all back together, slowly turn the steering left to right to make sure the spring loaded flappers are in the correct position, or they can break.
Thanks so much Cinders/MotomillioN! I appreciate the responses...I've always put them on my bikes and have done my own installation typically but when I looked through the instructions and saw how much work it entailed and knowing my own patience levels, I was questioning whether or not is was something I wanted to do.
My dealer's son is an absolute genius with Ducati's even he said the evo tec's I got were a real challenge to fit if you've got no patience get the dealer to do it saves your sanity and the chance of a costly error if you have a hissy fit.

I just serviced my 848 and putting the both sides upper & lower fairings on with no bike hoist is a PITA especially the 4 screws each side above the Rads and under the headlights you need a 3" mechanic to stand on the front guard to do them not to mention the 2 underneath the lower 2 fairings.
But I would not swap any of my Duke's my other bikes have their place but even my 2009 Repsol 1000RR does not handle as well as my Dukes all my bikes except my 1100XX Super Blackbird are shod with Pirelli SC II's the Ducks handle like being on rails........
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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