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New member from Washington State!

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Hey guys! New to the Ducati scene, only been owning Yamaha bikes. Ducati got me into bikes, I was walking in Seattle, dead stop traffic, I hear this mean roar screaming through all the traffic and I saw a Monster flying by, from then on I knew I had to get into bikes.

Im in the market for a V4, got one sold right from under me a day ago, looking for a good base model currently to pull the trigger on. I found a few, one the dealership is willing to let it go for 21,900.

I have to ask the obvious questions, as Im still quite new to most things Ducati.

How do you like your V4?

What type of power are you modded guys pushin to the wheel?

Any gripes or small niggling things about the V4 that you dont like?

What are some good tail tidy kits?

What oil are you guys running? Ive always run 300v in 10w40 (weight depending on temperature)

What tires are you guys running? Sticking with the Pirellis?

What are some key things to look out for?

How long should it take to break the bike in propper?

If you could go back to the day you bought your V4, would you still buy it?

Cant wait to get mine, test rode a V4s twice and a base model once, fell in love after I pulled out of the lot, should get mine sometime this week. Looking forward to all of your input, thanks!

Attached is my current ride, 05 R1.


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Fantastic bike!
Is it perfect? No, but for today’s consumer wants, it’s pretty close; certainly at the front of the ‘pack’.
Visual beauty, character, leading technology (for present day), agility, and speed are some of the qualities that come to mind when thinking of the V4, all present in great measure.
If you’re a super bike fan, you should love this bike.
Welcome to the forum Austin, glad to hear you're currently sourcing a V4. It's experienced the typical growing pains of any new bike, but its more than delivered in terms of performance. Will be a fantastic upgrade over your R1. A lot of owners have noted that the bike runs a bit hot, so that's something to keep in mind.
Congrats on your first Ducati and welcome to the community! There are quite a lot of different tail tidy's to choose from. But I'd suggest looking at NRC, Evotech and R&G to start.
You will love the new bike! I bought a V4s, my first Ducati. Yes I would buy it again, no question. I run whatever oil that Ducati specifies. Have not put my bike on the dyno and probably never will. In stock trim it is more than fast enough for me and no plans to race it. I also like the stock tires. I got mirror blockofff plates which also serve as turn signals from Futurismoto. It is a small but growing vendor and the products are very nice and easy to install. I am waiting for the tail tidy from him too. I have the evotech at the moment and it is nice but the Futurismoto product is on another level. Also went with the CRG hindsight foldable bar-end mirrors with the adaptors for to fit the mirrors. I don't obsess over break-in too much. I am just following the manual. Bike went in for the 600 mile service and is ready to pick up. No issues so far. Only complaint is the heat coming from the bike which is pretty intense and can roast the back of the legs. I really enjoy all the rider aids on the bike and the incredible programmability for all that stuff. Also the bike is very nimble. Just a joy to ride.
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Honestly I have owned 8 ducks now And I fell in love with what was my first bike which was an 05 monster dark 620.... they are cut from a different cloth. First and foremost I’m a Valentino Rossi fan as well and I commend your dedication to Yamaha as they make some of if not the best bike made . That R1M is amazing . I have ridden a few and it’s a great bike. The Italians are a bit different ..... as I’m sure you may have heard or know they just built them to a different quality maybe . I recently owned a 14 panigale 1199s before that 1098s and now have the 18V4S. I have about 2500 miles on mine now and I wouldn’t think twice about buying it again. But I’m also a huge fan. Does the bike have some issues of course it does . They run pretty hot, they eat tires for breakfast , the clutch could feel better for sure , but all in all this bike is a work of both mechanical and visual art in my opinion . I run stock oil , my tail kit is the best one I’ve seen personally ....
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