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Had my V4 "S" for about 5 weeks and just clocked over 3.4K klm's the bike is everything one would expect from Ducati and is a quantum leap from my 2009 848.
I've owned and ridden a few bikes owned XR75, CR125, CR250, 500/4, 2 x 1976 Z-900's, ZIR MkI
900F2B, VF1000R, 1100XX I should have kept the ZIR, Z900's & VF1000R we all learn.
Bikes Ive ridden Benneli 900SEI, CBX1000, 750H2 triple, GT380 Suzuki, 750 K4 Chopper, 1100RD Honda, FJ1100, RZ500 Yamaha, 650 Katana and others but gone to a foggy memory.

It would be unjust to compare my Ducati V4 to my other V4 the VF1000R there is no comparison as there is nearly 34 years between the designs but in 1984 when I got my VF it was cutting edge.
Also at the time the price tag of $6,500/Au +ORC it was one of the most expensive rice burners on the market at that point I guess similar prices would have been a Ducati or Laverda Jota.
I can tell you that bike pumped out some serious heat in summer you always had to be moving and not in city traffic either it toasted you all over but is was great on open roads.
The new V4 handles like no other bike I have owned rock steady, I absolutely love getting into the twisties, the brakes are awesome at pulling you up from speed.
O/all finish is excellent though the fairing panels reminds me of my VF a PITA when cleaning engine down having to dismantle half the bike to get there.

The rear cyl's dropping off in city cycle is not an issue for me as I live in the country so open highway travelling for me pretty much.
Fuel range see's you picking routes fairly carefully as we do not have a garage on every street corner.
The service intervals well I do the oil & filters at 6 thousand K intervals on all my bikes regardless of what the manu's say so by the 12,000 service this things had 3 oil/filter changes.
You own a high end product youve gotta put the money into it to ensure it keeps performing as it should.

Only real issue that manifests itself with mine is it propensity to start at times when cold running on 98 Ocrane it takes allot to get it to fire it does in the end but boy it a PITA at times once warmed up its fine.
Lastly for the price of the "S" you get not 1 carbon bit just a junky plastic front fender and a rear hugger I am getting different bling for it soon but those two items will be replaced eventually.
More to follow as time goes by but enjoying the Forums here in fact already saved me with the cooked rear brake fluid would never have figured it would do that removed the sock from the reservior.


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Good review, I also had cold start issues with BP 98 octane, advised to run on Shell V Power 95 and problem has been eliminated
Agree on the lack off carbon issue, all my high end bikes had at least a from guard in carbon.
The price is steep for the Ducati performance carbon bits but worth the money as quality is superb
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