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New from France

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Hello guys,

I am Guybrush, from France. I ride on Ducatis since 2010 : first a Monster S2R 800, then a Panigale 1199 that I used mostly on racetracks, then in 2017 a Monster 797+ still for racetrack use. And now I am waiting for the delivery of my base Panigale V4 : it should arrive this or next month. As my previous bikes, I will mostly ride it on racetracks...
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Welcome to the forum! Most deliveries seems to be slated for February, so you and a lot of other people will probably be getting their V4 next month.
Are you keeping the Monster 797+ or are you trading it in for the V4?
Thanks !

Unfortunately, you seem to be true for next month's deliveries :-(

I have traded my Monster for the V4. I purchased it only for the wait of the new SBK, as my 1199 was getting "too much" kilometers.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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