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Need advice on bucking problem

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So my 2018 has did this a total of 4 times now 3 just yesterday. Twice in second and once in third. When I Give it just a mm of throttle to maintain the speed limit. It started bucking and stuttering real hard. Almost as if someone was cycling the key on and off. If I pull in the clutch and rev it and accelerate harder I have no issues. So I’ve been told that’s it’s normal and Ducati refuses to acknowledge the problem, I’ve also been told it’s the throttle spacers I run (so I took them off yesterday) and down to the last thing I was told. A guy told me he had this exact same issue. It was the quick shifter starting to fail the sensor on it. Has anyone else had this issue and fixed it. Yesterday I recalibrated the throttle via brentune tool and took off my spacers. Also turned off the QS on the dash.
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Throttles spacers are a terrible thing. They screw with the ride by wire setting and starter over time. Every master Ducati tech i’ve talked too has told me this. Bremtune. I’ve used them. Terrible. I track all my bikes - i don’t ride on the street, and see no need for after market ECUs. The stock ECU or the Ducati Akrapovic pipes and tune are more than enough for us mere mortal
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