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They're starting to pour in ahead of personal deliveries, so we can get a sense of how the V4 performs before taking delivery probably some time in February for most.

2018 Ducati Panigale V4 Review | 24 Fast Facts From Circuit Ricardo Tormo
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Here's a video review from that they've posted up less than a day ago. Their test ride at Ducati's V4 launch pretty much cemented the opinion that it's "one of the best sportbikes ever made" and maybe it's the best one ever, period. Shame they didn't do an on road review as I'm sure quite a few of us will ride it around public roads as well.

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Yeah I'm pretty sure every review I've seen so far has showcased its capability on the track. Obviously that's to be expected as its a Moto GP bike at heart, but not all riders will be using it as such. Not surprising to hear how well it stacks up against the competition, I think its a safe bet to assume Ducati has delivered on their new flagship.
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there is a review of the panigale v4 in the latest issue of roadracing world. i have not had a chance to read yet, just received it today.
I heard that there are problems with heat. Not a good look for such a new bike.
I heard that there are problems with heat.
Do you have a source for that comment?

I don't know what you're currently riding but it's all relative. I have a Panigale 959 and don't find it hot when wearing leathers and riding at the speed it's designed to be ridden. In stop & go traffic any hi-powered sportbike will be hot. The S1000RR for example, will fry your right ankle in such a scenario which the bike was clearly not designed to do.

I can't see the Panigale V4 being hotter than an Aprilia RSV4. It will definitely be less than a V2 where two smaller exhaust pipes would diffuse heat much more than a larger singular one. However, I'll reserve my opinion about it until I have a chance to test ride it.
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