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More gas cap issue recall

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Just showed up for mine on the website

Recall number: SRV-RCL-19-001 | : 19V-382
Update date: 22 June 2019

Recall Campaign status: Open

Excessive pressure in the fuel tank may cause fuel to spray when opening the fuel cap. Fuel spray can increase the risk of injury and a fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source can increase the risk of a fire.

Ducati notification date to NHTSA: May 20, 2019. Ducati will notify owners, and dealers will update the fuel cap venting system, provide an updated page for the owner's manual, and affix a warning label decal to the fuel tank, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin Jun 13, 2019. Owners may contact Ducati customer service at 1-888-391-5446. Ducati's number for this recall is SRV-RCL-19-001. Note: This recall includes motorcycles that may have been previously remedied under recall 18V-238 for a similar issue.
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