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miles per tank

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I am curious as to what you guys are getting out of a tank of gas..??

I am currently averaging around 75 mile for a tank and fill up right around 3 gallons each time. I honestly do not remember what I was getting before tuning and Arrow exhaust. I feel like 25 mpg is not very good for a bike, but it is super high performance and I might get on it a bit too much, maybe..!!
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I get around 100 and if you run it out of gas you can get to about 115-120 miles . Usually the light comes on with about 85-90 miles on the tank from when filled. I know this because I ran it dry one time and had to get a curb side gas delivery �� . I have a bike that’s made for USA and I’m pretty sure the tank is about 16L 4.23 gallons from website .... As far as the MGP goes this thing is built for performance and I think about 25-30 MPG is pretty **** good . Hope this helps .
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I went on a ride today, did just under 400 km. Light came on at 155km (93 miles). Not bad. The fuel mileage indicator showed 5.4l. Usually the light comes on around the 130km mark.
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