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Loss of engine breaking in 1st gear

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Hi guys
So about 3 weeks ago I got all the latest recalls done and also had a faulty quickshifter replaced.
When riding home from the dealership. I noticed that 1st gear has lost a lot of engine breaking and it just coasts a long. There is a big difference between all the other gears and 1st. Especially in traffic riding it has caught me off guard as I have had to slam the brakes on.

Bought it back to the dealership and they agree that it doesn't feel right. They tried recalibrating a lot of things and it has helped a little bit but still a big difference between other gears. Very noticeable when going down hills, in 2nd gear I'm slowing down and then shift down to 1st and it holds the revs and starts speeding up a little bit. Never used to do that before.

Has anyone experienced this? Or have an idea on what it could be? They said the next solution is to take the clutch apart.
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I would believe a clutch issue would replicate the problem across all gears.
Have you tried to turn it off (through the gauge menu options) and see if all the gears now are the same?
Or put the bike in a different riding mode and try it?
What engine braking level are you on? 1 is most intrusive, 3 least.
I have it turned off.
You have to do it while not moving on the bike in the menu screens
Hope your issue is resolved by now ?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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