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Kick stand proximity switch issue kills engine

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This past Saturday I was at the track. Second session in morning and I kick up the kick stand with my heel, pop it into 1st gear, engine dies. Look at dash and the orange side stand warning is illuminated. Figured I must not have gotten the stand up all the way. Look down and it is up. Try it up and down a few times, no change. Missed track session.

Upon further investigation, learned that the switch is actually a magnetic proximity sensor. In the kickstand there is a bulge where a small magnet is inserted from the back side. When the stand is up this magnet triggers the proximity switch. The magnet in my kick stand fell out apparently when I kicked up the stand as it was right there. Not sure if it was glued in or was a press fit form the factory. Either way, it didn't stay. To get through the day, I reinserted the magnet and wrapped with a piece of electrical tape to hold it in. Note that the direction the magnet is inserted matters due to polarity. Mine had a black dot on one side and this was the side that needed to go in first for it to work. When it was in the other way around the switch would not register the stand being up.

I was lucky I found the magnet and that it fell out where it did. In a random conversation with another V4S owner and sharing what happened, he mentioned he had the same exact thing happen to him the weekend prior. He found his magnet sticking to his rear stand.

Not sure how to check this other than putting another strong magnet up to the stand when it is down and see how secure your magnet is. I would think it should not be able to be pulled out by hand. I have not yet looked into trying to see if it possible to easily bypass the kickstand proximity switch. Suppose it will depend if it is a simple open/closed circuit or if it is more involved.
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Thanks for the info.

This is an OLD Ducati issue, this time with a redesigned (magnet) part.

I use these on all my bikes.


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This is something that many were hoping would no longer be an issue on the V4. We really shouldn't have to be securing pieces of this bike with tape lol.
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Of all issues for a Ducati to have we have this...

At least its not any worse than this. Still far better than the issues I knew Buell bikes to be flooded with.
A bit disappointed to hear that this is still a problem on the V4. Had the same problem on my bike and I can't believe they haven't addressed it yet.
Yeah... mine popped out... after the recall work was done. Apparently the recall on the side stand is just to check the seating of that magnet, some mm deep and it's ok. But mine popped out a week after all my recall work was done and they checked off the recall issue on the side stand. Luckily we found the magnet stuck to the side stand next to the spring and popped it back in place and wrapped some tape to hold it in place so I can get home. I threw a fit at the dealership since they had checked and ok'd the side stand which was part of the recall on the V4. Oh and the side stand recall if needed was going to take 4 weeks to get in, but after I bitched enough they pulled the side stand off their demo bike and put it on mine the same day.
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