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Incredibly tough to shift while bike is running

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Out of the blue my 2018 V4S is incredibly tough to shift while it is running. It is impossible to shift into neutral, as well because of the amount of force you have to use to shift. It just skips right by N. This is separate from the bike just generally being tough to shift into neutral. Completely new issue. I almost have to stomp on the shifter to get it into second (set up GP shift). I am not using the QS, just simply pulling the clutch in and trying to shift gear. When I shut the motor off and turn the key back on without starting it, it’s back to shifting normal....until I start the motor again. Then same problem. Only thing I have done to it since the last time I rode it was install the throttle spacer kit. I don’t see how that could be causing my issue, though. Even taken it back apart to make sure everything was where it is supposed to be. Anyone experience anything similar?
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Yes. seems to be a Panigale thing. Use your QS more often and see if you have other shifting issues. Be prepared for wild mis-shifts -not fun. How many miles you have? Still under warranty?
just saw you have GP set up.. had shift issues prior to? Also, DNA likely won't honor a modded shift
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