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I don't like red....

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I just bought a new V4S, I love everything about this bike but the color .... why did I buy it if I don't like the color? because I love the performance and the lines of the bike and I'm thinking to wrap it or paint it black... I honestly don't care about resale value because i'm not planning to sell it anytime soon...

I'm planning to wrap it gloss black or paint it the same color of my 2016 Kawasaki H2 which I think it will be very badass...

Any thoughts?
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It's what makes you happy that's important.
but...I'm getting nauseous green all of a sudden.
you could always buy carbon fiber parts :^)
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Wraps are a good option but there are also a bunch of sticker kits that you can get for the V4. Will allow you to add some accents to the red and can be easily removed/changed. Some examples here.
Motorbike Stickers Kit Ducati Panigale V4 "Stile Speciale" - Westickers
Wrap would be the easiest, though if you have the patience and time painting may give you a better look. Black and green to match you H2 may work, though don't go overboard with the green.
I'd second having a look at all the different sticker kits. You may find that some accenting to the red will change its overall appeal.
As much as some people might disagree I think Yellow would be great on the V4. The ultimate combination would be the right mix and placement of black, yellow and carbon fiber!
I think its only a matter of time before Ducati offers the V4 in more colors. I'd like to see it in yellow, metallic grey and even white. Though those are probably going to come with some additional charges..
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