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High beam issues ?

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Just took my first night ride ... I’m not super impressed with the high beam . I’m comparing to the 1199s which I remember having a better light beam and spread . It seems like the high beam on the panigale v4 isn’t as good compared to the 1199s . Also, maybe it’s the way the headlight is set up by factory but it feels like it doesn’t light up the road far enough down my field of vision. It’s too close . I hope I can adjust it so I can lift it up to see farther down the road .
Please give me feedback . Very interested in any one else’s feedback .
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Maybe try some new bulbs before going straight for a new headlight unit or fiddling with the angle? I can't seem to find anything on headlight adjustment for the V4.
I doubt there is much play in the headlights to really adjust the angle. Don't know why Ducati would be offering less powerful standard equipment on their newest bike.
You're probably best off looking for some replacement bulbs, which is pretty ridiculous considering the V4's price. Got of pic of what the headlights illuminate at night?
You’re probably best off reading page 310-311 in your Owner’s manual
Thanks , will do !
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