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Hi from the Pacific Northwest, USA

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Am 61 years old. Been riding since the late 1960s. Started out riding mostly dirt, then had a BMW R90/6 for awhile. Got out of riding for a lot of years but started up again in the 1990s. Have always admired Ducati but never have owned one. Am planning on doing a demo ride on the V4 this weekend if the weather permits. I had gotten out of sport bikes but have the bug again, as least I think I do. Will ride the V4 to find out. Been riding KTMs for quite a few years now. Also had a Honda RC51 and did a ton of track days on that bike. List of bikes since I got back into the sport: Honda XR650L, Suzuki Hayabusa, Honda RC51, Suzuki GSXR1000, Kawasaki KLR650, KTM 690r enduro, KTM 990 Supermoto R, KTM 500 EXC, KTM 1290 Superduke R, and finally my current and only bike, KTM 1290 Super Adventure R. This last KTM is a keeper so if I get the V4s it will be in addition to the KTM. Have never been a car guy until my wife and I bought a 2017 Porsche 911 Carrera S a couple of years ago and we love the car. Still no permanent substitute for bikes. So anyway, looking forward to the demo ride!
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It's very nice to hear someone older than I am getting on a superbike! Hope you enjoy.
Demo ride confirmed with dealer for this Saturday morning. Will see how my old joints handle it.
Welcome to the forum! That's quite the extensive bike history you have. Will be interesting to see how you find the V4 in comparison to the other bikes you've ridden. Let us know of your impressions after the demo ride.
Welcome and glad to see that you're still into riding high performance bikes! How did you find the test ride over the weekend?
Here you go:

Still working on my wife. I got the "you are old and do not have the reflexes anymore" argument last night and I agreed with her and kind of gave up on the Duc dream. But later I realized that I still ride the crap out of a 550 lb adventure bike off road which actually requires pretty good reflexes:) Also when I ride with friends off road I usually have to wait for them or slow it down a bit. So for sure I have gotten older and slower, but I still have a lot left in the tank. Been running and bicycling regularly for 39 years with no major injuries, so guess I am just kind of lucky in that respect. I had not been on a sport bike for a lot of years before riding the V4s and I did wonder how it would feel. The only bad aspect was how hard it is to see side traffic on a sport bike. Otherwise it felt like being home again. The nice aspect of these bikes and cars with all the electronic gizmos is that they can be whatever you want them to be. Same with the V4s.
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