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Hi from Switzerland

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Hi all - have my V4S inbound in April and can’t wait to take her up the Swiss Mountain roads... Great to see a Forum dedicated to the V4!
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Hey man, welcome to the forum and congrats on the V4S. Looks like you'll still be taking delivery before those of us in Canada. You're going to have a riot over there with the new V4. Any plans for aftermarket mods?
Thanks man. No mods planned except removal/shortening of the license plate holder and replacing the rear indicator lights.

Will ride the bike for a while first and might go for an aftermarket exhaust system at some point.

Will post a review once i have a few miles down.
Welcome to the forum! There are so many unique roads you can ride on in Switzerland with all those mountain passes. Is the St. Gotthard Pass on your list?
Hi - I’ve ridden practically all Swiss passes several times. St Gotthard is OK but not my favourite.
Really depends on your taste - Susten pass is probably my fav. Let me know should you be in Switz - happy to provide some Mountain Pass recommendations.
Hello from Italy

Hello, I am from northern Italy, I already have a running V4S in my hand. Surely I would like to visit a part of Switzerland. Fantastic views and beautiful countries. Do you even speak a little Italian?
Unfortunately no Italian here. Many nice passes
From northern italy into Switzerland...
Spluga, Bernina, Stelvio/Umbrail.
Also like Noethern Italy for riding - Asiago area...
Will be on the lookout for another V4S.. ;-)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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