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Hello friends
I'm Eddy and I'm from Mexico, I love the ducatis I have 2 daughters
an 848 evo corse SE 2012 with the full body of carbon fiber and I just bought a panigale v4 2018
I love to customize them and leave them very beautiful.
in what I can help you here I am
I leave photos of my daughters


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the v4 is a wonder I like its handling and all the technology it brings
I still have 560km and the salesman told me that at the first 1000km service I will be able to get the most out of it, I look forward to those 1000km to test its full potential

for now the improvements that I have planned is
high flow filter and I ordered it by ebay
open the original muffler
since the akra is very expensive I exaggerate its cost.


hahaha not daughters of flesh and blood not yet, I am very young hahahaha.
I'm thinking of wrapping it in gold chrome
or waiting for the carbon fairing to come out of the same brand that I have on the 848 (carbonetics)
although red it makes me a very sexy bike =)
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