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Hi All

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Hello, registered to learn more about the new V4's. My fav engine config since my first VFR.

Biggest question tho..How is it for tall guys? I'm 6'4" with long legs. I generally fit in and love the superbike tuck as long as I can get my knees under the tank, so anyone in my boat? I club raced a 749s a few years back in the PNW. the 749/999's fit me well, but they were known for being long and low. I'm a long ways from a dealer where I can sit on one anytime soon...
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Most guys I know in the 6 foot range report they didn't feel as awkward on the V4 as they did on the 1199. Hopefully that helps.
I'm not that tall myself; and while the bike feels small and compact compared to other liter bikes I can say the riding position is a lot more comfortable and would fit well for taller people. I'm 5'10" and had to adjust the foot pegs higher to fit better; my friend I let ride is over 6'4" and fit was good for him. I would definitely suggest taking it for a test ride; a lot of Ducati demo days out there right now. Also while the riding position itself is good; the seat is uncomfortable as heck after an hour :p Also for me the handlebars are a little too far in angle wise; but personal taste I guess.
Thanks for the replies. There is a Ducati Dealer in AbQ. Prolly need to get down there and sit-test one. The new 916 tribute is looking pretty tasty...
If there are industry motorcycle shows happening near you i'd suggest getting out to those as well. The range of bikes you can sit-test brings some great perspective.
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