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Hey guys,

New to the forum and eagerly awaiting the release of the new V4. I've been able to find a couple of early reviews online, and it looks like the V4 is delivering on all expectations. Great to see that it seems to be quite the step up from the 1299.
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Welcome to the forum.

I hope you had experience with past Ducatis because that will help in further appreciating what ducati has done here.
I'm not in a huge rush, if I have to wait a bit for the next round of deliveries that's okay. Still waiting to see if and when NA delivery has been confirmed. I'd at least like to have a look at/listen in person. Still no one on here confirming arrival at any of their local dealers?
The fact Ducati has a page up on it says a lot, at this point its just a matter of time till more information comes through.
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