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Help with a S1 project Sc exhaust for 21 V4s

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I’ve had my bike for some time and half S1 project SC exhaust sitting in the box with a up map as well waiting to put it on out of fear for doing damage. now for the question(s)

because there really isn’t a tune for it on the upmap page (for some unknown reason they didn’t put one on for the half system but decided to for a full) am i okay using a tune from another half system like the Arrow system and will that cause limp mode?

also, do i need a servo valve eliminator plug? and if so what’s the go to for which brand to pick?

what issues did you run into installing the exhaust and what should i look out for doing it myself?
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I used the arrow without db killers map, with the upmap you really dont need a servo eliminator but you can plug one either way. Install is easy just follow instructions and if you need help just get it from them directly i think there is a whatsapp number for faster replies.
Tip, completely loose rear header when pulling the oem silencer off the bike no need to loosen front headers at all. If installing SC project I recommend loading XECU mapping which is maps created by SC project development department, so mapping is specific for the pipe and bike but is not limited to brand of motorcycle or brand of exhaust, they have specific mapping for all. Is XECU mapping is loaded no need for servo dummy plug, the XECU map has the servo function disabled. Mapping is required when fitting any new exhaust to a bike and fueling has to be adjusted if you want to achieve the correct performance expectations.
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