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GP shift mod . Complete guide w detailed steps

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I just swapped over to GP shift and wanted to share my experience and detail it for anyone else who is looking to do this . Enjoy !
*****Disclaimer: I do not claim to be an motorcycle expert in any way shape or form. This is my experience as a self taught bike mechanic and do not take responsibility for any mistakes that may happen or any injuries that may be caused by anyone following this post... Proceed at your own risk. *****************************************************

Tools needed: set of metric Allen’s 3/4/5/6, Locktite green and red, 12mm &10mm wrench . Rear stand or a friend to help hold the bike as you will need to have the kickstand up to remove the body work. And a blanket to put your body work on so it doesn’t get scratched up.

Step 1. Put bike on rear stand and pick up kickstand. This is where that friend would come into play if you don’t have a rear stand .

Step 2. Remove the lower left side belly pan by rearset(shifter side). This is a total of about 8 size 3 hex head screws four in the bottom of the belly pan underneath the bike and 4 in the bottom side of the bike. Two of them I believe were size 4. There’s a breather tube that you will have to disconnect to fully remove the side of the belly pan after all the allens are removed. Remove lower and set aside on blanket

Step 3. Remove top bolt on rearset. 6mm (I believe )
And then remove side bolt on rearset (same size)
At this point you need to remove the other bolt where the quick shifter attaches to the bike.

Step 4. Brake loose the eye socket from the quick shifter using a 12&10mm wrench . Once loose you should be able to unthread the rear set completely from the quickshifter. Make sure to mark the threads showing on the eye socket end so when you retighten them they are the same length. Mine had 6 threads showing so I would assume they all should .
At this point you need to remove the other bolt where the quick shifter rod is attached to the bike.

Step 5. Remove Allen bolt from eye socket using 4mm Allen from toe peddle assembly. Take caution when doing this as this Allen is locktited in and is very easily stripped. Unfortunately I found out the hard way. I put the assembly carefully in a vice so I could remove the Allen bolt from the eye socket.

Step 6. Transfer eye socket to lower pretapped hole on bottom of toe peddle and retighten Allen bolt making sure to reapply green locktite .

Step 7. Reinstall rear set side bolt leaving the bolt slightly loose, then reinstall top bolt and fully tighten Allen bolt and then fully tighten side Allen bolt.

Step 8. Attach eye socket back to quick shifter rod and leave slightly loose . Then attach other end (left side when looking at the bike) of quick shifter back to the bike . This is also an eye socket and will require red locktite. Afterwards fully tighten other side of quick shift rod to eye socket using 10&12mm wrench making sure you have your 6 threads showing on eye socket side when fully tightened back to quick shifter rod .

Step 9. Start bike and test shifter to make sure you get all six gears and the bike is shifting smoothly and easily. I did this while the bike was on the rear stand. You could always test ride as well. You choose.

Step 10. Re-install lower side fairing/belly pan making sure you attach the black breather hose back in its position before you put the bodywork back in place .

Step 11. Pat yourself on the back and rejoice in the $150 plus dollars you just saved yourself by not going to the dealer to have this done, shake hands with Mary Jane and go ride your newly transformed GP shift panigale v4s. Not necessarily in that order.
Enjoy! 🇮🇹
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Thanks for the guide man, its appreciated. How are you finding the bike now with the conversion? I'm assuming that you're using it more as a track bike?
Pics would be awesome for anyone in process of doing this mod.
I just love gp shift . I did a bunch of track riding in the past and plan on doing the same with this one . Honestly after riding gp shift it makes as much sense on the street. I like how easy it is to shift and I like being on my heels when I’m up shifting to decelerate. It makes me feel more planted on the bike under braking as well. I’m sure it’s all preference. I’m not sure how to upload pics as I am new to these sites and would actually have to re do the swap . If anyone has any questions or comments I would be happy to answer them .
I love the bike even better now that I converted . It was great from the factory and now I like it even more! 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹. I’ve never riden a bike so balanced and so stable out the box . This puts my 1199s to shame . I’m actually very surprised I wasn’t sure I would like the v4 but it’s amazing !
Updatedgp shift. Have about 500 miles now on the bike and the gp shift is working perfectly . Everything is breaking in a bit with use and loosening up a bit making the shifting work smoother . I’m finding neutrals are getting easier to find as well. Very happy with the mod.
Hey German4Rings,

Sorry if this wasn't clear to me but did you need to reverse the actual shift rod sensor, and if so how did you do that ? I think it's necessary for the GP shift conversion to work correctly because just moving the position of the foot lever mounting bolt will work for the gear shift movement but will leave the DQS system thinking you're going the opposite way - L->H not H->L. This will root up the auto-blipper etc.

This guy had a reverser cable for the QS sensor on his 1299.

From your description I don't think you did that, is that correct ? If so how is your throttle not auto-blipping when you upshift ?


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don't know about all the steps; but you just need to move the rod at the back of the rear set from the stock position to the bottom hole they put in so you can just reverse shift w/o the need for worrying about any cable like that video. I didn't have to remove any fairings or unscrew anything other than the bolt that holds the rod near the footpeg.
Thank you for this GP mod thread. I'm considering doing this to my bike as well. I may actually do it tomorrow.
GP shifting mod complete. First ride with the switch tomorrow. Woot!
What brand of rearsets did you buy
Then I assume you could then
Flip part around to be motogp
Seen some up to 1199 American
Need help on brand
Not that you were asking me but I ended up buying a set of LighTech R series rearsets; it comes with the same 2 mount holes on the footpeg lever just like the stock ones so you can reverse shift w/o fiddling w/ the quickshifter end of the rod; I'm assuming Ducati thought about reverse shifting and the cable end of the quickshifter and LighTech followed accordingly.
How do you like the lightech I bought them also seems the shifter sits up a little close to the fairing on the downshift in gp mode do you have the same problem
Just for everyone’s info I’m running a stock version of a V4S . I have the stick Ducati rear sets and now have about 3k miles of the bike with this GP shift mod and the bike works great. Personally , I think they should just come from the factory like this .... I mean after all it is a race bike . It’s not a street bike ..... just my 2 cents. Hope everyone has found the thread Informative and helpful!
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GP shift conversion for Dummies

As playersnoopy said just reverse the linkage its as simple as that and its max 10 minute procedure ...
some photos for your perusal....
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