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gearing changes ?

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Hi guys,

Anyone know where to get new sprockets for this bike ? I'm only getting to 5th gear on my local track - but still hitting 294 indicated - so would like to shorten the gearing a little.

Pointers welcome please.


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Perfect, thanks
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I did the 520 conversion and added 2 in the back.
Hey Zak,

Thanks - how is it with the revised gearing ?

Did you notice any change in top speed ?

Can you use the same chain or need a longer one ?

Thank you
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The new gearing is great. Since this is a street bike for me, I made the change for low/moderate speed rideability. No idea on top speed for the same reason.

A 520 conversion requires a new chain since the original one is 525. You can obviously keep a 525 chain and make the gearing change too, but changing to a quick-swap rear make subsequent changes a lot less work.
Just fitted my -1T front 520 kit. Looking forward to the changes.
At thunderhill was hitting 160mph in 4th at about 12.5K rpms. Hoping to use 5th.

Santa Cruz, Ca


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Im using 15 /38 don't forget to reteach the gearing to the bike, check swing arm angle, as there not good out of the box I made new dogbones 136mm to get the 12.7 deg reqd for racing, things change when you go bigger rear sprocket, you get more pro squat! not good, you want antisquat, if you don't understand look up traction dynamics on youtube an youll see for your self
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I went with the standard 525 gearing, -1T on the front, it worked really well I think. Bike will now power wheelie in 4th gear going downhill :) I'm happy.
I did the 520 conversion and added 2 in the back.
Hey, how did it affect mileage? Odometer should be off no?

How did it affect the electronics? Have you noticed issues with quickshifter or traction control etc?
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